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Buzz Collins

Canada VS US

We always knew Canada had a lot going for it, but in case you need the reminder, here’s an informative (and funny) video.

Neighbours – Explaining Canada Day to America ✌️❤️🇨🇦 (w/ KFC)

Nai-post ni Brittlestar noong Martes, Hunyo 27, 2017

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Would You Get On Another Plane After This?!!

Can you imagine the pilot telling you that “your survival depends on your co-operation”? A very scary ride for passengers of an Air Asia flight yesterday! But, hey, they got a $20 voucher at the end of it all….so ya, it was pretty much worth it.

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G.O.T. Season 7 Trailer!

It may be the second day of summer, but winter is coming!!

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Amazing Act Lights Up AGT Stage!

This one is nothing short of incredible!! I predict they will be one of the final four!

One of the most mind-blowing performances in AGT history.

Nai-post ni America's Got Talent noong Martes, Hunyo 20, 2017

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Will It Bite: The Black Widow

On my list of things I never want to try….

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Thank You

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all the people who have extended their love and support over the past few weeks (5 weeks and 4 days) since my son Garrett passed. It’s been challenging to come to grips with this “new reality”. However, there is comfort knowing that there are those in the community who truly do care. I came across this video this morning on my Facebook news feed. It’s a cover of one of my favourite Beatles songs. For some reason, it seemed to lift my spirits. If you are mourning the loss of a loved one, maybe it will bring you some comfort too.

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Speeding Driver Spins Out…

Speed and wet roads can make for some perilous moments. Keep your eyes to the left of the screen!

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Deaf Singer Gets Golden Buzzer On AGT

Mandy Harvey’s performance on AGT last night was nothing short of incredible – especially when you consider she’s deaf! Simon Cowell was impressed enough to hit the golden buzzer which sends her straight to the live rounds. I predict she makes the final 4 – and we haven’t even seen half of what’s to come yet!!

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OPP Takes Lambo For An Unexpected Spin

This video of a Peterborough OPP officer pulling over a suped up Lamborghini has gone viral with over 14 million views!!

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Puddles The Clown Wins Over AGT Judges

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