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Buzz Collins

Journey Singer Arnel Pineda Meets Former Journey Singer Steve Augeri

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Elvis Performs “A Whole Lotta Rosie”

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The President Show

This looks like it could be pretty funny! It stars Trump impersonator Anthony Atamanuik. Check out the trailer!

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Star Wars Nerd Alert: Last Of The Jedi Trailer!!!

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Kids React To AC/DC

Music is subjective. While some bands have huge followings, not every artist is meant for every listener. Such is the case for AC/DC.

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When Your Drinking Brings You “Full Circle”

Cop isn’t looking, now’s my chance!

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Bowie Imitates Jagger

I stumbled across this great clip from a David Bowie interview where he talks about his love for Little Richard and also does a perfect (although short) impression of Mick Jagger!

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Ellen Nails UA In Monologue

The comedy that has come out of a very disturbing moment aboard a United Airlines flight seems never-ending. Ellen hit it out of the park on yesterday’s show!

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Kimmel’s Reaction To UA’s Deplaning Was Perfect!

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A Taste Of Mental Magic

You may (or may not) be aware that aside from my role as a morning host here at Rock 107, I am also a professional stage hypnotist and mentalist. I have performed – and continue to perform – throughout Canada and the U.S.

Several folks have asked me when my next local show might be. I’m happy to say that I will be performing my mentalism show at The Royal Coachman in Napanee on June 10th. It’s a full dinner and stage show. Tickets are available now at The Coachman or by calling 613-354-9124.

For those who might be in the Ottawa area, I’ve been invited back for a repeat performance at “Magic Monday” at Live On Elgin. Here’s just a snippet from my last performance there (and a little bit of what you can expect for my upcoming performance at The Coachman!)

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