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Buzz Collins

A Beatles Classic Like You’ve Never Heard

It’s been almost 50 years since The Beatles called it a day, and we’re still discovering rare unreleased nuggets from the fab four.  In 2012, George Harrison’s son Dhani came across a master copy of “Here Comes The Sun” during a routine studio session with late Beatles producer George Martin that not even he’d heard before. It featured 1 key ingredient that left them scratching their heads in confusion as to why it was never added: a guitar solo.

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Nothing Like Family To Keep You Humble

Oscar winner Mahershala Ali was talking to Jimmy Kimmel last night, talking about the day he called up his grandma to tell her he was nominated. Not exactly the response he was expecting!!

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Kimmel’s Full Oscars Monologue

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I Want Breakfast Now

When I heard the news that McDonalds is now serving breakfast all day, I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve often thought, “what a Utopia it would be if you could get a Bacon McMuffin whenever you want.” Nothing more frustrating than being told you’re two minutes late for breakfast when you just started your day. I am reminded of this classic scene from the movie “Falling Down”.

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Lucky To Be Alive!!

You’re probably more likely to get struck by lightning while winning the lottery than to have this happen to you. If this had ended any worse I wouldn’t have posted, but the good news is that this guy survived!

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Video In Reverse Is Mesmerizing!

This is a video for a Russian band called Leningrand. Just a word of caution: some segments are a wee graphic! The official release is meant to be in reverse, but I’ve also posted the “forward” version right below it.

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Bloopers That Work

TV painter Bob Ross used to say that there is no such thing as a mistake; they’re just “happy accidents”.  Here’s some proof in that philosophy.

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Babies Face Timing For 1st Time = Hilarity

Whether they actually know what each other is saying, I’m not so sure, but this is not only really cute, but absolutely hilarious!!

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The First Flying Car Can Now Be Yours!!

Got a spare $399 thousand dollars? Well, now you can buy the Pal-V Liberty – the first ever flying car for sale to the public! (What could possibly go wrong?)

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How Trump Handles An International Crisis

So when you’re at a fancy restaurant, what exactly is the proper etiquette when it comes to dealing with a potential international crisis? Do you wait for desert or deal with it right away?

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