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Buzz Collins

13 Year Old Boy Meets “Bart Simpson”

This is priceless! A 13 year old boy selling chocolates is taken completely by surprise when he realizes that one of his customers is none other than Bart Simpson (actually, Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart.) Enjoy!!

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Dr. Ken Doles Out Medical Advice…Hilarious!!

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Negan Dances To “Easy Street”!

If you’re a fan of “The Walking Dead”, you’ll love this!

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12 Year Old Guitar Prodigy Nails AC/DC

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Raw Freddie

It goes without saying that Freddie Mercury was a phenomenal talent. However, when listening to the isolated vocal track from “Somebody To Love”, you can’t help but have a whole new appreciation for this man’s vocal abilities!

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Wheel Of Fortune Blunder

I’d like to see this version of the play!

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Elmo Gets Fired

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Truck Breaks Through Ice

A shortcut for a Manitoba couple nearly turned tragic when their truck broke through the ice on Lake Winnipeg! Fortunately, they were able to walk to the shore where they were attended to by paramedics. The truck, however, was not as fortunate and now sits on the bottom of the lake.

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Slick Vocals

I was never a huge fan of Jefferson Airplane, but damn!, check out Grace Slick’s isolated vocal track from “White Rabbit”. Pure talent! (The audio arts at :33).

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Surprise Homecoming

One young Bruins fan not only got to wish his team luck, in person, but the real treat was what followed.

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