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Buzz Collins

I Will Read Your Mind

When I’m not on the airwaves, chances are I’m on a live stage somewhere – performing either my hypnosis or mentalism show.

As for a small sample of what to expect…this is a clip from a recent show in Ottawa!

Remote Viewing

Feel free to like and/or share! Another moment from Magic Monday in Ottawa. Mentalist Buzz Collins replicates the image that has merely been thought of by a volunteer from the audience.

Nai-post ni Buzz Collins noong Sabado, Abril 29, 2017

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Jim Carey’s SNL Audition

Next time you’re overlooked for a promotion, or that job that you’re more than qualified for, keep in mind that some of the greats have also faced rejection despite their talent. Case in point, Jim Carey once auditioned for Saturday Night Live. Hard to believe he didn’t make the cut!

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Elton Tries To Identify His Own Music As “Performed” By Jack Black

In light of the announcement of Elton John coming to Kingston on November 14th, I thought I’d post this little gem from one of Elton’s appearances on the Graham Norton Show. Btw, is it just me, or does Jack seem a little stoned?

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Mind Blowing Magic!!

Check out Josephine Lee’s audition on Britain’s Got Talent! This is possibly one of the best magic performances I’ve seen on any of the “Got Talent” shows!

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What The “Frork”?!

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Kimmel Shares Heart Wrenching Account Of The Birth Of His Son

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Heineken Ad Nails It

Remember that schlockey Pepsi ad with Kendall Jenner and a few hundred “protesters”? And how Kendall brought peace to a tense situation by offering a riot cop a Pepsi? Ya, that one. None of us bought it.

Well, here’s how you do it right. (Hey, Mr. Pepsi, hold my beer while I watch this.)

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The Real Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) Surprises Fans On Pirates Of The Caribbean Ride

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This Is So Wrong

This is the video for the latest ad that popped up in my Facebook newsfeed. It’s essentially suspenders to keep your shirt tucked in. However, I can’t help thinking that they look more like garter belts for men. I think I’d rather just keep tucking my shirt in rather than be caught in the locker room undoing these things! Yikes!

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8 Yr Old Magician Blows BGT Judges Minds!!

As you might be aware, I love magic! Check this out!!

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