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Buzz Collins

Husband Animates Joke Told By His Drunk Wife

This is brilliant.

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OJ’s (Hypothetical) Confession

Did you watch “The Lost Confession” of OJ Simpson last night? This is bone chilling. I’ll let this video speak for itself.

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Death Wish Redux

The “Death Wish” remake starring Bruce Willis opens this weekend. The trailer looks great! Hopefully the rest of the movie lives up to the hype. For comparison sake, I’ve posted the trailers for both the new and the original movie. Enjoy!

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Ratt + Marvin Gaye = Brilliant!

This mashup between Ratt’s “Round And Round” and Marvin Gaye’s “I Heard It Thru The Grapevine” sounds like it was meant to be!

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Video For Bad Wolves “Zombie” Released

Bad Wolves have released a video for the band’s cover of the Cranberries classic “Zombie,” which has been steadily climbing the rock airplay chart following the death of Cranberries singer Dolores O’Riordan last month. O’Riordan was supposed to enter a recording studio to lay down a guest vocal for the track on January 15th, the day she was found dead in a London hotel room.

The clip features Bad Wolves singer Tommy Vext and an unreachable woman painted in gold — a tribute to O’Riordan’s own look in the original “Zombie” video — attempting and failing to touch each other. Vext said about covering the song, “Her lyrics, confronting the collateral damage of political unrest, capture the same sentiment we wanted to express a quarter-century later. That is a testament to the kind of enduring artist Dolores was, and will remain forever.”

  • Bad Wolves are donating all proceeds from sales of the track to O’Riordan’s three children.
  • O’Riordan’s publicist said in a statement that the Irish singer was “excited” about guesting on the track, adding, “Although very different in style to the original, Dolores said she thought that the cover was ‘killer’ and she was intrigued by the simple-but-effective couple of lyric changes that make the cover version as relevant to current world events as the original was to the events that inspired her to write the song in the early Nineties.”
  • Originally released in 1994 following the IRA bombing of Warrington, the Cranberries’ “Zombie” hit Number One around the world.
  • The Bad Wolves cover has garnered over three million combined streams across YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music and has just cracked the Top 20 at U.S. rock radio.
  • Bad Wolves will tour the U.S. later in the year with Five Finger Death Punch and Shinedown.

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Vicky Cornell: “My Husband Was The Furthest Thing From A Junkie”

A clip of Vicky Cornell’s first TV interview since the death of her husband Chris last May.

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Fergie VS The US National Anthem

One of my pet peeves: when celebrities get self-indulgent while performing a national anthem. Just sing it the way it was meant to be sung, take a bow and be done with it.

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Who’s High

Now that Marijuana is legal in California, it opens the way for a whole new source of comedy in late night TV!

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All Superbowl 2018 Commercials

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One Of My Favourite Mind Messing Routines

Here’s another highlight from the fundraiser I performed for the Quinte Red Devils last week. This is one of my personal faves!

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